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AEON Padel Racket Ultima A50x

AEON Padel Racket Ultima A50x

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The Aeon Padel Ultima A50x is suited for intermediate and advanced players looking for a racket that delivers unbeatable power on the court.

The Ultima A50x boasts a diamond shape, ideal for players looking for controlled power in their shots. Made from premium 12k carbon, makes it incredibly strong and lightweight, allowing players to make quick and precise movements during play.

The black EVA foam core provides a comfortable shot, helping to reduce the impact of shock and vibration during intense games. This is especially important for players who spend long hours on the court, as it can help to prevent arm fatigue.

The Ultima A50x, with its power and precision on the court, is the perfect choice for players who want to dominate the game.

Racket Cover included.



Diamond Shape

Higher Balance

Higher Sweet Spot

12k Carbon Structure

12K Carbon Faces

Black Eva Core

Advanced DIA Hole Design

AEON 3D Surface


Length 455mm

Width 260mm

Profile 38mm
Core 38mm


Weight 365gr +/- 10gr

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
John B
Power with surprisingly great control

very good control, very good feeling and the proof is in the pudding.... I'm winning

Seamless Power and Playability

The A50x flawlessly merges power and ease, making it an advanced player's dream. Its exceptional power and precision enhance net play and serves, while its user-friendly design ensures a quick learning curve for players transitioning to a higher level. For those seeking a racket that effortlessly combines power with adaptability, the A50x is the ultimate choice.

Ajay Ramnani
Great rackets

Improved my game!

AEON advanced racket

There is a very balanced feel to the racket. Excellent weight and control.